Eliminating LGBTIQ discrimination

The Victorian Bar is committed to implementing strategies for eliminating discrimination against the LGBTIQ community in the legal profession and other workplaces.

Our commitment to LGBTIQ inclusion

Our goal is an assumption-free world where nobody makes assumptions about a person’s sexuality or gender identity, and everyone is treated equally under the law.

The legal profession is increasingly diverse and inclusive. There are many highly successful practitioners who happen to be LGBTIQ. The Bar strives to reflect the diverse makeup of Australian society, which includes people from the LGBTIQ communities.

Assistance for LGBTIQ barristers

Several of the Bar’s initiatives to promote LGBTIQ inclusion are set out below.

The Bar has introduced anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies for its members to ensure they do not make assumptions based on a person’s LGBTIQ status. In this way, all LGBTIQ barristers can enjoy a workplace free of harassment or discrimination, as well as be treated in ways that suit their preferences.

The Bar has provided its members with a list of agencies that offer support and counselling services, and distributed a conduct guide that sets out options for changing potentially harmful behaviour and strategies for junior practitioners. The document below provides some examples of how you can help change the working environment for LGBTI individuals.