Barrister Professional Development

The Victorian Bar's Continuing Professional Development program offers learning throughout a barrister's career to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Better training - better barristers

We believe in providing the highest standard of ongoing education for our members. As is the case throughout the legal profession, our members are required to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Continued professional development allows barristers to position themselves as leading experts in the provision of legal services and encourages professional excellence among members of the Bar.

We have made a conscious decision to provide a world class ongoing professional development program, not only to keep our members skills at the forefront of best-practice in oral and written advocacy, but to give them a well-rounded education in business skills, practice management and strategic thinking.

We don't want our members to be merely compliant with a standard. We want them to be inspired to be better barristers.

The requirements of the CPD Program

The CPD year commences on 1 April of each calendar year and concludes on 31 March of the following year. Barristers must complete a minimum of 10 CPD points in a CPD year. Barristers must complete at least 1 CPD point per CPD year in each of the following categories:

  1. Substantive Law, Practice & Procedure;
  2. Barrister Skills;
  3. Ethics & Professional Responsibility; and
  4. Practice Management & Business Skills.

Each year the Victorian Bar conducts a random audit to ensure that members are complying with their CPD obligations.

What makes our CPD Program different?

The Bar is the home of some of the best legal brains in the profession and we are fortunate that many of them give their time and expertise so willingly to others at the Bar. Under supervision of professional educators, our program is taught by Silks, Judges and world renowned subject matter experts from our own Bar. We supplement their skills with members of the wider legal community, consultants in business management and strategy as well as international experts from universities and Bars all over the world.

Access the Victorian Bar's CPD Program

CPD In Session offers access to the Bar's CPD sessions and interviews with subject matter experts. CPD In Session provides access for Solicitors, in-house counsel and government lawyers to purchase individual sessions, bundles or to subscribe.