Major Reviews and Reports

The Bar keeps membership statistics based on gender, age and seniority, accreditations, membership type and area of speciality.

The State of the Victorian Bar report

The State of the Victorian Bar report is the biggest and most comprehensive demographic study of the Bar ever conducted.  It was commissioned in 2017 to provide an account of members’ work practices, incomes, and demographic information to identify opportunities and challenges for the Bar. The key findings of the report are:

  • Over time, the Bar has undergone significant demographic shifts; it has become older and women are better represented.
  • There has been steady growth in members’ incomes since the GFC.
  • There are positive signs for gender pay equity.
  • Members' changing work practices reflect more competition with law firms for work. 

The report provides a fascinating insight into the modern Victorian Bar, showing how far it has come in many areas, and where it faces challenges.

Download and view the State of the Victorian Bar report below:

Download and view the latest membership statistics report (PDF) below: