Finding other legal help

Finding Legal Help in Victoria

If you need legal help for a personal or business problem, these legal organisations can help.

Who should I contact?

Your first steps are to decide what you should do, who can help you make that decision, and how much will legal representation cost.

The Victorian Law Foundation provides information about the Victorian legal system. It explains your rights and responsibilities and how to get legal help.

Have you been affected by a bushfire or flood?

Disaster Legal Help Victoria has free legal help and advice for people affected by disaster in Victoria. Visit Disaster Legal Help Victoria or call 1800 113 432.

Disaster Legal Help Victoria is a joint initiative between the Victorian Bar, Victoria Legal Aid, the Federation of Community Legal Centres, the Law Institute of Victoria, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Justice Connect. It was established to provide emergency legal help to individuals, businesses and communities affected by disasters.

Free or low-cost legal help

A number of organisations provide free or reduced-cost legal advice to those who cannot afford it.

Victoria Legal Aid
Victoria Legal Aid helps people with legal problems and provides funding for private lawyers to help the public in criminal, family and some civil law matters. There are a number of financial eligibility tests to access lawyers through Victoria Legal Aid.

Community Legal Centres
There are more than 50 Victorian Community Legal Centres. These centres are independent community organisations that provide free legal services to the public, especially those people who have nowhere else to go for help.

Pro Bono Assistance
Justice Connect administers the pro bono (free or reduced fee) schemes run by the Victorian Bar and the Law Institute of Victoria. Justice Connect is the central organisation that matches public enquiries with barristers and solicitors who volunteer to act pro bono for eligible individuals. Justice Connect delivers access to justice through pro bono services to people experiencing disadvantage and the community organisations that support them.