What do barristers cost?

You will always be aware of the likely costs before engaging a barrister.

How do barristers charge?

The fees charged by barristers vary depending on factors such as the type of work required, how long a hearing is likely to last, or the professional experience of the barrister concerned.

Barristers fees are highly competitive and often provide great value for money in comparison with other legal professionals of similar experience.

You will know up-front what your costs are likely to be

All Victorian legal practitioners, including barristers, must provide an estimate of the fees for the work to you before, or as soon as possible, after you engage them. This is called a costs disclosure.

The barrister will provide you information about their fees either directly, or through your solicitor if you are also using one. This will include:

  • the basis on which the legal costs are calculated
  • an estimate of the total legal costs, or, if it is not possible to predict, a range of estimates of the total legal costs together with an explanation of the major variables that will affect the calculation of costs, and
  • when invoices will be raised.

No obligation until you agree on costs

Your barrister (or solicitor on behalf of your barrister) will send you a written costs agreement and you agree to this before the work begins. You will be provided with updates about any significant changes to the anticipated legal costs.

If you can't afford legal help

Members of the Victorian Bar are committed to the principle that access to justice should be open to all members of the community. In some circumstances, barristers may choose to provide their services pro bono, that is, free, or at reduced rate.

If you believe that you may not be able to afford legal representation, you can find services to assist you here.