Becoming a barrister

Barristers are lawyers with specialist skills as independent advocates and advisors. To be eligible to practise as a barrister in Victoria, lawyers must qualify for and complete the Victorian Bar's Readers' Course.

To become a barrister in Victoria you must:

  • be an Australian lawyer and meet the eligibility requirements,
  • pass the Entrance Examination set by the Victorian Bar to qualify for a place in the Readers' Course,
  • satisfactorily complete the Readers' Course, and
  • work under an approved mentor at the Victorian Bar for up to 12 months, inclusive of the Readers' Course period.

In May 2020, the Victorian Bar’s Equality and Diversity Committee hosted an information session via Zoom, during Victoria’s annual Law Week, on what life as a barrister is like.

 “Must Love Coffee (and know how to Zoom) – The Privileges, Perils and Percolations of Life as a Victorian Barrister in the age of COVID-19” provides candid insights into why barristers chose the Bar, the challenges they faced, and the opportunities and rewards being members of the Victorian Bar have brought them.



Click on the links to the right for more detailed information or, download the Victorian Bar’s Becoming a barrister brochure.

Contact the Victorian Bar's Education Coordinator, Golam Kibria, for more information on:

T 03 9225 7924



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