Help for corporate counsel and government solicitors

The Victorian Bar recognises that in-house legal teams are under significant pressure to reduce legal risk and resolve issues on a tight budget.

Barristers are the original, flexible, on-demand legal advisors – adept at advising on a diverse range of issues for a variety of organisations. Their experience as sole practitioners means that they are adaptable, commercial problem solvers who understand your constraints and can help you position to manage your risks and seize opportunities.

How can a barrister help you?

Talk to a barrister to help set your legal strategy

Legal problems arise in all shapes and forms. A barrister can help you with setting a strategy that de-escalates an issue, working with your team and other advisors to collaboratively solve a problem, and presenting this to your Board or leadership team in practical and commercial terms.

Talk to a barrister to achieve early resolution, before the matter becomes litigious

Barristers can help you set the right strategy well before you reach a courtroom door. By understanding the likely trajectory of the issue, talking to a barrister early often means you can avoid the courtroom completely. 

Talk to a barrister to get expert clarification on a point of law

Many barristers are leading subject-matter experts, with considerable expertise advising in their area of law within a wider commercial context. Their experience in advising a diverse range of clients means that they bring broad commercial insight to helping you. 

Talk to a barrister to advocate for you with regulators, arbitrators, or before the courts

Barristers are experts in litigation and are always available to advise on litigation strategy, draft witness statements or pleadings, and provide advocacy services in all Australian courts and tribunals.  Briefing a barrister early is key to getting the best result in any potentially litigious or reputational issue. 

Talk to a barrister to save time, costs and resources

Very often you can brief an experienced barrister with deep subject matter expertise for considerably less cost than a law firm. Barristers have minimal overheads, which means their fee structures compare very favourably – this is particularly the case where you need swift advice.

Junior barristers often provide particular value, as they generally bring the experience from many years in private practice or in-house roles before joining the Bar.

Using barristers alone, or as specialist advisors in conjunction with other legal resources, helps you get the most out of your legal spend.

How do you find the right barrister?

As an in-house counsel or a government solicitor you can brief a barrister directly without going through a law firm. Direct briefing provides the opportunity to resolve your matter faster and more efficiently.

We recognise that this might be the first time you’ve thought of directly briefing a barrister and we are working hard to simplify the process of finding the right barrister.

All of the 500+ barristers on this list encourage in-house counsel and/or government lawyers to brief them directly. You can search within this list to locate a barrister with the right practice experience and personal attributes. If that barrister is unavailable or not quite the right fit, they will be more than happy to recommend a colleague.

You can also email us at

You can contact one of the barristers’ clerks who will discuss your needs and recommend a suitable barrister.

Barrister secondees

Many barristers are experienced in and keen to undertake client secondments, from general advisory work and filling gaps in your in-house legal team, to large discovery or due diligence work. If you’d like to discuss a secondment opportunity, email us at