Compensation Law Bar Association

Compensation Law

The Compensation Law Bar Association caters for barristers practicing in the area of personal injury/compensation law.

Compensation Law Bar Association members are primarily appearing in cases concerning the Accident Compensation Act 1985, the Transport Accident Act 1986 and the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (Cth).

In addition to holding expertise in matters concerning the statutory entitlements pursuant to State and Commonwealth legislation, most members also practice in the common law jurisdiction, particularly in matters concerning the Acts referred to above and the Wrongs Act 1958.

The membership currently stands at 126 members. The Association endeavours to promote the interests of its members, particularly to promote opportunity for discussion of issues of common concern between members, Judges and Magistrates. The Association is represented on the Magistrates' Court WorkCover Users Group and County Court Users Group by members of the Association.

The Association holds social functions throughout the year, including the serving of refreshments following Continuing Professional Development sessions. The social venues provide members and members of the Judiciary and Magistracy opportunities to discuss issues on an informal basis.

Members regularly receive decisions relevant to Compensation Law Bar Association.