Judicial Conduct Policy

The Victorian Bar is committed to ensuring that members are treated appropriately at all times in their engagements with judicial officers. It engages openly and constructively with courts and tribunals to encourage maintenance of the highest standards of conduct by judicial officers. 

Below is a link to the Bar’s Judicial Conduct Policy. 

Below is a link to the Supreme Court's Protocol on raising concerns about judicial conduct. 

Reporting Form

Below is a link to the Bar’s Reporting Form. The Reporting Form allows for reporting of occurrences of inappropriate judicial conduct. 

Reporting form

The Reporting Form is intended to enable generalised information to be provided periodically to the Bar Council and courts and tribunals about the prevalence and nature of allegations of inappropriate judicial conduct. Any information derived from Reports that is provided to the Bar Council, or to courts or tribunals, will be anonymised.

All information is treated confidentially.

No identifying information will be provided for any external reporting processes.

Judicial Conduct Advisers

Judicial Conduct Advisers can be confidentially consulted by members about inappropriate judicial conduct that they have or may have experienced or witnessed. Judicial Conduct Advisers can advise barristers in relation to their options under this policy.

Contact details for the Judicial Conduct Advisers are listed below.

Jack Rush RFD QC

E: jtrush@vicbar.com.au
T: +61 3 9225 7463

Fiona McLeod SC

E: fmcleod@vicbar.com.au
T: +61 3 9225 8708