Race, ethnicity and cultural diversity

Promoting racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity and inclusion is a key mission of the Victorian Bar.

Our commitment to diversity at the Bar

The Bar supports barristers, and prospective barristers from racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse backgrounds in all its activities. This means the Bar recognises that each person is unique and has different beliefs, values, preferences, and life experiences. The Bar strives to ensure that these differences do not become barriers to career opportunities and participation in the Bar’s activities.

Assistance for barristers from diverse cultures

Several of the Bar’s initiatives to promote diversity are set out below.

The work of the Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Diversity Working Group informs policy and networking initiatives of the Equality and Diversity Committee and the wider Bar.

The Bar supports the initiatives of diversity organisations, such as:

  • Asian Australian Lawyers Association Inc
  • African Australian Legal Network
  • Muslim Legal Network
  • Hellenic Australian Lawyers Association
  • Australian Italian Lawyers Association, and
  • French Australian Lawyers Society.