Barristers with a disability

The Victorian Bar is committed to ensuring that those members with a disability have the support and access they need to work within an inclusive environment.

Our commitment is to access for barristers with a disability

The Victorian Bar is committed to ensuring that lawyers with a disability who wish to practice as barristers are able to do so on an equal basis with others by removing barriers to their participation and advancement in the profession. Please see the Statement of Principles on Disability here.

Assistance for those with a disability

The Victorian Bar recognises that disability takes many forms and that a person’s experience of their disability is unique and personal. For instance, the Bar understands that many lawyers with a disability prefer not to draw attention to their disability. Nonetheless, disability-related practice problems do arise from time to time, sometimes more frequently.

For lawyers with a disability thinking about coming to the Bar, it is often difficult to gain an insight into what life as a barrister might look like for them (both generally and day-to-day), especially whether the effects of their disability can practically be accommodated and accepted.

The Bar can provide support and assistance in the following areas:

  • chambers-related issues, like access, office equipment, desks, chairs, IT or with BCL support
  • Bar office services, such as CPD or other Bar events and functions, and
  • addressing access, facilities or appearances in Court.

In addition, the Bar operates a referral scheme. The scheme is available to existing or prospective barristers who wish to have a confidential discussion with, obtain help and support from, or problem solve with the assistance of, an experienced barrister with an interest in, or an experience of, disability.

Those who wish to obtain information or obtain a referral should contact the Victorian Bar’s Executive Director, Amanda Utt.

Courts and Tribunal policies for accessibility

The following sites provide information on disability policies and access at Victoria’s courts and tribunals.