Health and Wellbeing

The Health & Wellbeing Committee’s primary goal is to promote the good health and well being of barristers.

Health crisis help service on 9650 5540

An independently-run counselling service funded by the Victorian Bar is available for the benefit of its members and their families.
    T 03 9650 5540

Trained consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with any crisis situation.

Mission Statement

The Committee’s primary goal is to promote the good health and well being of barristers.

The Committee’s objective is to:    

  • educate, inspire and support barristers to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health as they pursue a high standard of legal practice; and
  • give barristers information, support and access to health care services, focusing on the special requirements of barristers.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • the administration and review of the Bar Care facility provided to barristers by the Bar’s psychological and other service providers (but without seeking or being entitled to know any information provided to the Bar’s service providers by barristers); and
  • the review and formulation of recommendations to the Bar Council as to what services should be provided to barristers under the Bar Care facility.

The Committee is also responsible for:

  • providing information to barristers about particular aspects of health and wellbeing
  • organising events and seminars to promote the physical and mental health of barristers; and 
  • considering and organizing training programs for barristers to promote good health and well-being. The Committee will report to Bar Council at least annually and as often as Bar Council requires

The Health and Well Being Committee recommend that barristers who are in any way concerned about their psychological well being should seek professional help.