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Looking outside and forward

At a time when we’re all grappling with the coronavirus pandemic it’s important that we don’t overlook other pressing issues around us.

This week, the Sentencing Advisory Council launched the Crossover Kids: Vulnerable Children in the Youth Justice System Report 2. This is the second in a series of three reports that focuses on children who have had contact with both the child protection system and youth justice system and aims to understand the regional patterns and differences in crossover kids’ interactions with the authorities. It’s an interesting report, especially relevant for those who work with vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

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Message from the President

It’s been a difficult week for all of us as we adjust to the new environment the coronavirus has foisted upon us, and as we look with uncertainty to the weeks and months ahead.  Every day, there have been new challenges to try to take in our stride.

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Joint message from the President and CEO

We are both writing to you today because this has been an exceptional week. Although we are only three months in, this year has already been one of the most devastating Australians have faced. Yet, as we meet our shared challenges, we continue to be impressed by the resilience displayed by our members.

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Reducing the spread of COVID-19

I have had a number of emails from members expressing their concerns about the spread of COVID-19. We are facing an uncertain time, and I wanted to reassure members that we are closely following developments and the most-recent government guidelines. We are also in communication with the courts about their protocols, which reflect our own.

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Back to the Bar initiative

Today the Bar commenced a new initiative aimed at helping members to rebuild their practices when they return after a period of leave, especially from parental or carers’ leave.

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Welcoming our new Readers

I’m sure that many of you can remember back to your first few weeks at the Bar, immersed in the Readers’ Course and excited to begin your new career. Next week we will have 48 Readers hovering around Level 1 Owen Dixon East. A smile and a warm welcome could cement a friendship that will carry them, and you, through a lifetime, and will certainly help to make them feel at home in our college.

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New tools to grow your practice

Technology has come a long way in the law.  I was reminded of this when I read an article from Bar News in 2000 in which the Millennial-year Chairman of the Bar addressed “those of you who use the internet …” and encouraged our members to take up a broadband offer: “the effect is that e-mail comes to you, rather than you dialling in to your Internet Service Provider to collect it”.

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Helping lawyers swim between the flags

From regulatory approaches, through ethical pressures, to harassment in the profession and helping the lawyers face the competitive and perfectionist pressures we’re under: the LIV’s “State of the Profession: Essential Briefing 2020” brought together members from across the legal sector to raise and debate the macro issues affecting the profession, allowing us the opportunity stop, reflect and consider what our focus should be in 2020.

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Justice in the regions

For many of us, the blocks around William Street are the centre of our work universe. This week, I’d like to share some news about activities in one of our regional centres.

Geelong is home to a thriving legal community with more than 300 solicitors in the Geelong Law Association and Walsh Chambers based in the city.

In Brief

I’d like to welcome everyone back to work for the new decade. I’m very pleased to be able to start the new year with some good news, as a number of our colleagues were honoured in the Order of Australia awards.  I’m sure that you will join me in congratulating: