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All members of the Bar and Judiciary are warmly invited to the Dinner on Friday, 21 May 2021, 7:00pm at the Plaza Ballroom. The event is black tie and will feature guest speaker The Honourable Justice Simon Steward of the High Court of Australia.


The Victorian Bar together with the Australian Intercultural Society invites you to the 2021 Ramadan Iftar Dinner, where members from a cross-section of Melbourne's diverse society come together to share a meal and conversations.

The Deputy Chair of The Victorian Bar's Equality and Diversity Committee, Astrid Haban-Beer, will MC a panel session on ‘Gender Equality and Cultural Diversity in the Law’ with Her Honour Magistrate Urfa Masood and Barristers Rutendo Muchinguri and Daye Gang.

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In Brief

Executive Director

I am pleased to announce that the Bar Council has concluded the process for the appointment of a new Executive Director to run the Bar office. We had a very strong field of candidates and anticipate we will be in a position to make a formal announcement next week.

Meeting with the Victorian Attorney-General

In Brief

Open Justice Pilot Project


Bar Roll No: 961

It is with deep regret that the Bar Council informs members of the death of Michael Ruddle on 20 March 2021, one day before his 80th birthday.

In Brief

I have received correspondence from members regarding last week’s In Brief message, including correspondence that members may have seen in media reports. I am grateful to those who have written to me for taking the time to express their views and concerns. I always welcome feedback from members. I will provide a considered response to the authors of that correspondence shortly. 

In Brief

First, may I thank Senior Vice President Róisín Annesley QC for taking on the authorship of In Brief for its landmark 1000th edition last week. Reading the original edition illustrates that some issues are perennial, such as fees and Chambers accommodation. Nonetheless, it is clear that the Bar is now a very different place from 1992, the discussion about mutual recognition being a case in point.


Bar Roll No: 595 

It is with deep regret that we inform members of the passing of His Honour John Nixon, who died on 11 March 2021 at the age of 85 years.

The Memorial Service for Judge John King Nixon will be webcast live on Monday, 22 March 21 at 2;00pm. To access the Webcast, visit Tobin Brothers Funerals and search for John King Nixon in the Funeral Notices/webcast search bar.


The profession will extend a Welcome to Her Honour Judge Sarah Leighfield to the County Court of Victoria on Thursday, 11 March 2021 at 4:15pm via Zoom.

To attend the online ceremony, click here.

In Brief

This is the 1000th edition of In Brief! The first edition was issued to members on 1 December 1992 – I include it here for your interest. Whilst the format and the manner of delivery have changed, the purpose of In Brief remains the same. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the issues raised in the 1st edition – independence of the judiciary, funding for legal aid, Chambers accommodation and conduct issues – are still current. Notable is the author's prediction of 'court-ordered mediation at a level not previously seen'!


On Thursday, 4 March 2021, the Victorian Bar welcomed forty-eight new Readers to the Victorian Bar’s Readers’ Course.

In Brief

Members may have seen an advertisement in the weekend paper for the position of Executive Director of the Bar office. Both the title and some of the functions of the person we will engage in running the administrative side of the Bar have changed. The changes are in line with the current Bar Council's view that the Bar Council and Bar office's respective functions needed to be differently and better delineated. We hope to complete the process of engaging a new person for this role in the next few weeks and will advise members accordingly.