Commercial Bar Association

Commercial Bar members practise in commercial matters across Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region.

The Commercial Bar Association of Victoria (CommBar) was established to provide commercial lawyers and in-house counsel with centralised up-to-date information on commercial legal matters and access to barristers in all areas of commercial law.

Our barristers have qualifications and experience in all areas

  • Arbitration & ADR
  • Asia Practice
  • Banking & Finance
  • Construction Law
  • Corporate & Securities
  • Environment & Planning
  • Equity
  • Insolvency Law
  • Insurance & Prof Negligence
  • International Law
  • IP & Trade Practices
  • Property & Probate
  • Public Law
  • Sports
  • Superannuation

CommBar encourages professionalism from its members, providing a forum for knowledge sharing and updating of skills and works closely with the Victorian Bar Council, courts and government on major initiatives such as law reform and specific aspects of commercial law.

Purposes and objectives

The purposes of the Association are:

  • To provide a forum for meetings of barristers who practise in or have an interest in commercial law and to foster closer working and social relationships between them
  • To bring to the attention of members, through the medium of regular meetings, matters of concern or interest or both relating to commercial law and to conduct discussions and formulate position statements or recommendations or both for submission to such person or body as the Committee may deem proper
  • To establish communications and actively liaise with Courts, Tribunals, authorities, government departments and instrumentalities and other associations and bodies concerned with or interested in commercial law
  • To seek representation on and liaison with committees of the Victorian Bar concerned with matters of concern to members
  • To liaise with the Bar Council of the Victorian Bar in relation to matters of concern to members of the Association and to ensure that, as far as practicable, consultation between the Bar Council and the Committee takes place before the Bar Council formulates policies or makes decisions on commercial law matters
  • To encourage participation by members in continuing legal education programmes, conferences and other outlets whereby the legal profession, other interested professional groups and the public may increase their knowledge and understanding of commercial law.


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