Vanderstock v Victoria [2023] HCA 30


The "electric vehicle tax" decision in Vanderstock v Victoria [2023] HCA 30 is likely to have far reaching implications for Australia's tax jurisprudence and political economy. Edelman J’s dissent notes at [677] there may be real questions about constitutionality for State taxes in some circumstances. The dissenting Steward J at [825] agrees with Edelman J at [612] it may require a "fresh start" on what constitutes an impermissible imposition of an excise by a State. 

A distinguished panel of eminent members of our Bar, the Hon. Ron Merkel KC, David Bloom KC and Peter Hanks KC, will address the decision, with significant time allowed for questions from the audience. Questions in advance can be emailed to Nick Dodds via


This is an in-person event and will also be available online via livestream.