Tax Issues in Family Law Proceedings – you can run but you can’t hide



Tax issues such as CGT (including rollover relief), Division 7A as well as trust and corporate law issues frequently arise in family law property proceedings. A recent trend has also seen the Commissioner of Taxation intervening in s79 proceedings to secure payment of tax debts owed by a party or parties to the marriage prior to any distribution of property.

This session will explore:

  1. The tax risks to be identified at the outset of a family law dispute;
  2. The Commissioner’s powers to intervene in family law proceedings;
  3. The ability of the Court to substitute one party for another in respect of tax debts;
  4. Whether the Commissioner can use information obtained in family law proceedings to raise tax assessments;
  5. The need and efficacy of tax indemnities; and
  6. Practical tips to apply in practice.