Clinical Forensic Medicine in the Courtroom - Head Injuries and Clinical Toxicology


This is a two-part session that provides an overview of two common areas of forensic medical evidence in the courtroom:

  • Head Injuries – Head injuries following blunt trauma can be a perplexing scenario to manage clinically, and even more challenging to understand in the courtroom. There are a wide range of presentations and outcomes that can occur following head trauma, with many short and longer-term consequences arising for the patient. The discussion will demystify hospital documentation around head injury presentations and provide an overview of the potential implications of the findings, some of the complications that are seen, and the treatments that are provided in hospital.
  • Clinical Toxicology – Unlike medical evidence, toxicological evidence has relied on information that has far less reliability. There are potential flaws inherent in some publications which need to be understood so that they can be assessed, used, or discarded on the basis of their nature and the risk of unreliability. This is especially true for the study of drugs of abuse. The discussion will describe some of the pitfalls of a widespread adoption of information that makes its way into even the best peer reviewed journals. The speakers are directors of Fidelis Forensics, a provider of expert forensic medicine services.

Joining the Webinar