David J Neal S.C.


  • +61 3 9225 7888

Areas of Practice

  • Civil and Human Rights
  • Judicial Review and administrative law
  • Merits Review
  • Appellate
  • Proceeds of Crime/Money Laundering
  • Work Health and Safety
David J Neal S.C.

David J Neal S.C.

Telephone: +61 3 9225 6483
Email: dneal@vicbar.com.au
Room 0303
Joan Rosanove Chambers
550 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

Admitted to the Legal Profession: 

03 Mar 1975

Signed Victorian Bar Roll:

27 May 1993

Appointed Silk:

24 Nov 2005



Also entitled to practise in:

  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia


Taught criminal law at the University of NSW, Commissioner Victorian Law Reform Commission, Head, Legislation Branch Victorian Justice Department, Chair, Model Criminal Code Committee.

Main areas of practice at the Bar: Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Appellate, Occupational Health and Safety, Major Inquests and Royal Commissions.

Appeared for major corporations and government departments including Baulderstone, Multiplex, Leightons, Toyota, United Energy, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria Police, Office of Corrections, Vicroads, Victoria Legal Aid.

Major Inquests: Inquests: Kew Cottages (for Wormald), Port Phillip Prison (for Group 4), Citylink/O'Connor (for Transfield-Obayishi Joint Venture), Beaconsfield Gold Mine (for the mine).

Royal Commissions/Major Enquiries: Children of God (for the parents); Metropolitan Ambulance Service Royal Commission (for Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications (BEST)).

Member of Victorian Bar Council (10 years) and serves on the Law Council of Australia committees on Criminal Law and Access to Justice. Prepared and presented numerous submissions to federal and state government committees on these areas on behalf of the Victorian Bar and the Law Council of Australia.



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Public Drunkenness: Supplementary Report (VLRC, 1989) 30 pp.

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The Concept of Mental Illness in the Mental Health Act 1986 (VLRC, 1990) 18pp.

Mental Malfunction and Criminal Responsibility: Report (1990) 112 pp.

Homicide: Report (1991) 199pp

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Note: a Discussion Paper written by me preceded each of these Reports.

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Victorian Bar Committee memberships

  • Victoria Law Foundation - Justice Museum Legal Reference Group
  • Law Council of Australia - Standing Committee - Access to Justice Committee
  • Law Council of Australia - National Criminal Law Committee

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