Why engage a barrister?

It stands to reason that if you are facing legal action you want the best representation available. Representation from a specialist whose business it is to understand the law and the rules of the court.

A barrister is a specialist advocate whose expertise is in dispute resolution, regularly appearing before courts and tribunals to argue the legal case on behalf of clients, providing advice on legal strategy and dispute resolution and specialist advice on matters of law and legal interpretation more generally. Barristers also act as and appear on behalf of clients regularly in mediations, arbitrations and expert determinations.

A barrister will discuss your case with you (and your solicitor), provide an objective and independent view of the arguments in a matter or case, advise on legal strategy, and argue your case in court or in mediation.


Engaging a Barrister

You can engage a barrister through your solicitor or directly through their clerk in direct access matters. Call a barrister's clerk to discuss your best course of action or see the sections listed below on direct access for more information.