Corporate and Government Solicitors


As a corporate counsel you are responsible not only for the legal issues faced by your organisation, but also for ensuring that legal solutions are both cost effective and aligned to the organisation’s business objectives.

Why brief directly?

Direct briefing of barristers can help in reducing costs and in giving corporate solicitors greater control over the direction and strategy of a case.

When can I brief directly

Corporate solicitors with a current practising certificate are entitled to brief barristers directly and there are many instances where it is practical and more economical to do so. Equally, there are times when it is better to engage a law firm who will then work with the barrister. Talk to a barrister or a barristers’ clerk for advice on which course of action to take.

Read our Corporate Counsel Information Kit which provides guidance to corporate counsel on the briefing process.

For further information see Briefing a Barrister for In-House Counsel.