Internal Conduct Policies and Reports

The Victorian Bar is committed to providing a working environment where barristers and those engaging with barristers can conduct themselves free from bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment. The principles on which the Bar is founded demand respectful behaviour by members of the Bar.

Below are links to the Bar’s policies against  Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination. They deal with the Bar’s stance in relation to this conduct, and the Bar’s processes for reporting or making a complaint regarding instances of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

These policies commenced operation on 1 July 2018.

Complaint and Report Form

Below is a link to the Bar’s Complaint and Report Form. The Complaint and Report Form allows for complaints or the reporting of occurrences of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment to be made against barristers by barristers, or by persons who engage with barristers. For example, Victorian Bar administration, personal assistants, secretaries, clerking staff etc.


Complaint and Report Form


It is intended to be used for the following purposes:

  • the making of a complaint of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment whereby an investigation and response is sought; or
  • the reporting of an occurrence of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment either experienced or witnessed for the purpose of better informing the training and awareness needs and initiatives of the Bar.

All information is treated confidentially.

No identifying information will be provided for any external reporting processes.

Please note if you are a client that wishes to make a complaint about your barrister, complaints should be directed to the Legal Services Commissioner here.


Victorian Bar Conciliators

Victorian Bar Conciliators have been trained in the conciliation of complaints and are familiar with the range of options which are available to complainants. 

Contact details for Bar Conciliators are listed below.

Paul Santamaria QC

T: +61 3 9225 7061

Jim Delany QC

T: +61 3 9225 8211

Minal Vohra SC

T: +61 3 9225 7157

Grant Atkinson

T: +61 3 9225 8337

Ben Ihle

T: +61 3 9225 7818

Elizabeth Bennett
T: +61 3 9225 6722

Reiko Okazaki

T: +61 3 9225 7666