Victorian Bar Media Release - Victorian Bar rejects simplistic criticism of Federal Court Judges


The Victorian Bar believes that criticism of Federal Court judges in today’s Australian Financial Review is misconceived.


Analysis undertaken for the newspaper purported to rank the productivity of judges by reference to the average number of days between the completion of a case and the delivery of judgment, and the average number of words and paragraphs they supposedly generate per day.


The productivity of judges and the quality of justice dispensed in the Federal Court, or for that matter any court, cannot be evaluated by that methodology”, said Dr Matt Collins QC, President of the Victorian Bar.


"The analysis takes no account of qualitative measures, such as the nature, complexity or duration of the cases heard by judges, or the number of witnesses and documents tendered in evidence. Nor does it take into account the number of cases settled without trial, or time spent sitting on appeal cases. “While judges must expect public scrutiny of their work, on this occasion, hard working judges of the Federal Court have been unjustifiably criticised,” he said.



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