Call for Nominations for the Victorian Bar Pro Bono Awards


Many of us have colleagues who make an outstanding contribution representing parties on a pro bono basis. Please consider nominating them for the 2017/2018 Victorian Bar Pro Bono Awards.

There are 4 awards presented to barristers of differing years’ call. The sole criterion for each of these awards is “outstanding achievement in pro bono advocacy”.

The awards are:

  • Daniel Pollak Readers Award – for barristers up to two years’ call;
  • Ron Castan AM QC Award – for barristers between two and six years’ call;
  • Susan Crennan AC QC Award – for barristers between seven and 15 years’ call; and
  • Ron Merkel QC Award – for barristers over 15 years’ call and Silk.

In addition to the above, nominations are sought for the following awards:

  • The Public Interest/Justice Innovation Award

For pro bono work which has a strong public interest element or has involved a procedural or substantive innovation in the law likely to enhance access to justice; and

  • The Victorian Bar Pro Bono Trophy

For exceptional individual achievement in pro bono advocacy over a long period.

Nominations may be made using the nomination form and are open until 14 December 2018.