In Brief Issue #989

Christopher Blanden QC

The Victorian Bar Inc has conducted its annual election for members of the Bar Council. 

Polls opened two weeks ago at 9.00 am on Wednesday 28 October 2020 and closed at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 11 November 2020.  This year’s election attracted a voter turnout of approximately 70% of those eligible to vote, the highest in the Victorian Bar’s recent history, and a very substantial increase compared to the previous election. 

The newly elected 21 Bar Councillors are an apolitical and diverse group of barristers, representative of the diverse membership of the Victorian Bar.  They include 9 women.  We are particularly delighted that the executive includes an unprecedented 4 women.

The new Bar Council has elected the following office bearers:

  • Mr Christopher Blanden QC – President
  • Ms Róisín Annesley QC – Senior Vice President
  • Ms Helen Rofe QC – Junior Vice President
  • Ms Mary Anne Hartley QC – Honorary Treasurer
  • Ms Robyn Sweet – Assistant Honorary Treasurer

The office bearers were elected by secret ballot, as has always been the tradition at the Bar Council.

The 2021 Bar Council acknowledges the service of our predecessors on the Bar Council and particularly the outgoing office bearers Ms Wendy Harris QC, Mr Simon Marks QC, Mr Sam Hay QC, Mr Stewart Maiden QC and Ms Gabi Crafti.  This year has been a challenging year for all.  Like us, our predecessors have believed in the great institution that is the Victorian Bar and have sought to contribute to its fabric.

We look forward to getting to work on behalf of our members and working closely with the Courts and with both the State and Federal Attorneys-General.


Christopher Blanden QC

Vicbar News & Events
Results of the Bar Council Election for 2020-2021

Following the recent Victorian Bar Council election, the following office bearers have been appointed to the Bar Council for the 2020-2021 term:

  • President – Christopher Blanden QC
  • Senior Vice President – Róisín Annesley QC
  • Junior Vice President – Helen Rofe QC
  • Honorary Treasurer – Mary Anne Hartley QC
  • Assist. Hon Treasurer – Robyn Sweet   

The following members were elected to the Bar Council (in order of seniority):

Eleven counsel who are Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel or junior counsel who are of not less than 15 years’ standing:

  • Mr Paul Holdenson QC
  • Mr Christopher Blanden QC
  • Mr Simon Marks QC
  • Dr Ian Freckelton QC
  • Ms Mary Anne Hartley QC
  • Dr Suzanne (Sue) McNicol AM QC
  • Ms Róisín Annesley QC
  • Ms Helen Rofe QC
  • Mr Paul Hayes QC
  • Mr Eugene Wheelahan QC
  • Mr Darryl Burnett

Six counsel who are junior counsel and who are of not less than 6 years’ standing and of not more than 15 years’ standing:

  • Mr Paul Kounnas
  • Mr Benjamin Murphy
  • Ms Robyn Sweet
  • Ms Amy Wood
  • Mr Ben Jellis
  • Ms Nawaar Hassan

Four counsel who are junior counsel who are of less than 6 years’ standing:

  • Mr Nicholas Phillpott
  • Mrs Roshena Campbell
  • Miss Lana Collaris
  • Mr Lachlan Molesworth
Virtual ceremonial sittings for 2020 silks

All members of the Victorian Bar are invited to attend the virtual ceremonial sittings to receive the appointment of Senior Counsel for Victoria to be held on Wednesday, 18 November 2020 from 9:30am.

Supreme Court of Victoria – 9:30 am

Click here to join the Supreme Court’s virtual silk ceremony.

Federal Court of Australia – 10:15 am

Click here to join the Federal Court’s virtual silk ceremony.

Family Court of Australia – 10:45 am

Click here to join the Family Court’s virtual silk ceremony.

Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Secretary: Expressions of Interest close 9:00am on Thursday 19 November 2020

At its meeting on 12 November 2020, the Bar Council resolved to seek expressions of interest for the positions of Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Secretary.  Bar Council will consider all expressions of interest at its meeting on Thursday, 19 November 2020.

Click here to express interest.

Expressions of interest must be received before 9:00am on Thursday, 19 November 2020.

The Honorary Secretary and Assistant Honorary Secretary:

  • assist in the administration of membership matters, which includes dealing with applications to sign the Roll of Counsel and transfer requests from existing members;
  • interview prospective readers prior to each Readers’ Course;
  • attend Bar Council and management meetings of officeholders and staff when required;
  • assists the Bar Council Officeholders and members particularly in respect of the constitutional responsibilities of the Bar Council.

The time required to perform the role varies from week to week. On average, about 3-4 hours should be allocated each week, however the time required will be greater at certain times during the year, especially when reader interviews are being conducted prior to each Readers’ Course.

Membership of 2021 Bar Committees – Expressions of Interest close Monday 23 November 2020

Expressions of interest are sought from members of the Bar who wish to remain on, or become a member of, one or more of the Bar committees.

It is through the Bar’s committees that a great deal of the work of the Bar as a representative professional institution is done. The selfless contribution of time and effort given by members to this work is a donation of great value to the Bar and to the wider community.

All members who have an interest in serving on any of the committees in 2021 must submit an expression of interest, even if they have previously served on the committee.

Click here to express interest.

You will need to be logged in to the Bar website to express interest.

All practising counsel are invited to show their interest. Experience is not a prerequisite to service on a committee.

Each Bar Committee takes seriously its role in advancing the interests of members of the Bar fulfilling the purposes of the committee; those seeking election to a committee should, therefore, not underestimate the workload. Click here for a copy of the role descriptions and responsibilities of each of the committees.

Barristers who have not previously served on Bar committees are particularly encouraged to express their interest. 

The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is 5:00pm on Monday, 23 November 2020.

Existing committee members should note that if you do not complete an expression of interest, it will be assumed that you no longer wish to continue your membership of any committee.

If you have any enquiries, please contact Liz Ingham (Manager, Office of the CEO):

Commercial Bar Association of Victoria - Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the Commercial Bar Association of Victoria (CommBar) will be held via Zoom on Thursday, 26 November 2020 at 4:30pm.

Ordinary Business:

  1. To confirm the minutes of the annual general meeting of CommBar held on 19 November 2020, which can be found here.
  2. To receive from the Executive reports regarding the activities and transactions of CommBar during the financial year ended 30 June 2020.
  3. To elect officers of CommBar and the ordinary members of the Executive. Nominations for these positions are hereby called for.
  4. To receive and consider a report of the Treasurer on the financial position of CommBar.


Election to the Executive is for a period of two years. This year, the terms of the following members of the Executive are expiring:

  1. Stewart Maiden QC, Vice President (Convenor)
  2. Sam Rosewarne, Treasurer
  3. Oren Bigos QC, Member

Each of these members of the Executive is free to nominate for a further term should they choose to do so.

The following members of the Executive were elected, and in the case of Raini Zambelli, appointed to fill a casual vacancy last year and so they have another year before their terms expire:

  1. Claire Harris QC, President
  2. Paul Hayes QC, Senior Vice President
  3. Hamish Redd, Member
  4. Kieran Hickie, Member
  5. Georgia Berlic, Member
  6. Jesse Rudd, Member
  7. Raini Zambelli, Member

Nominations for election must be in writing, signed by two members and accompanied by the consent of the candidate. Nominations must be delivered to Stewart Maiden QC, Vice President (Convenor) via email not less than 7 days before 26 November 2020, being 19 November 2020. Please find nomination form here. If an election is required, it will be an electronic ballot without proxies. A list of candidates and ballot papers will be distributed to members if required after the date for nomination has closed. Only financial members will be eligible to vote.

Meeting details

If you wish to attend the meeting please contact the assistant honorary secretary Veronica Holt via email and the Zoom meeting details will be sent to you prior to the meeting.

Victorian Bar member CPD and events

The following are highlights of upcoming CPD and events for Victorian Bar members. You must be a member of the Victorian Bar and logged into the VicBar website to view these events.

  • Frustration and Force Majeure in a Time of Covid is on Tuesday 24 November, 5–6:00pm. This CPD will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the performance of contracts. Click here to register.
  • Changing practice areas is on Wednesday 25 November, 5–6:00pm. In this CPD, speakers will share their experiences in moving into new areas of practice and provide their tips for barristers considering making a move. Click here to register.
  • Practice in a Pandemic: Challenges & Opportunities for Women at the Victorian Bar – Session Two is on Thursday 26 November, 5–6:00pm. This is the second of a two-part online panel discussion designed to capture and preserve the experiences of women at the Victorian Bar during COVID-19. The second session will focus on commercial, common and administrative law, employment and industrial law, wills and estates and planning and environment. Click here to register.
  • Appearance Rates for Women Barristers in Victorian Courts is on Monday 23 November, 5:15–6:15pm and will examine the statistics collected as part of WBA’s recent research into the number of women appearing in trials in the County Court of Victoria, Supreme Court of Victoria and Court of Appeal. The speakers will be The Honourable Justice Michelle Quigley, Kate Eastman SC and Dr Kylie Weston-Scheuber. Please click here to register.

For more upcoming CPD events, please visit our listings here.

BCL Property & Technology Services: Updated services and cyber security awareness

To ensure the safety and security of all chambers during this challenging time, BCL Property and Technology Services will update their service delivery as of Friday 17 April 2020 until further notice. For information about this update, please see here or contact the BCL Service Desk on 9225 8888.

Cyber Security Awareness: What you need to do to keep your practice safe 

In these current uncertain times, the increased use of video conferencing, reliance on email, the use of home internet services, SMS’s from our governments, and the sudden shift into paperless practices all make it easier to fall victim to a costly scam.
In recent months we are aware of successful scams within the community, leading to significant financial and operations impact. There are some simple things you can do to help protect your practice:

  • Using BCL corporate-grade technology and network services (Internet & email) provides you with a managed enterprise environment with corporate-grade security platforms and sophisticated network practices.
  • SMS verification for passwords is now available. To enhance the security of barrister passwords, we have introduced SMS verification for password resets. Login to, select the “Profile” tab and click “Edit” to enter your mobile number. All password reset requests will now require this information.
  • Always check the “From” address in emails, particularly those from external parties. A difference in the Senders name compared to the From address is a clear indication of a scam email.
  • Look for suspicious characteristics in an email such as unprofessional emails with typos and spelling mistakes, or requests for ‘click here’, pay now, requests for funds, bank account details or an unnecessary sense of urgency.
  • Always use an up to date and valid anti-virus product and backup your data as outlined in the Victorian Bar Technology Minimum Standards.
  • If you are ever unsure, DO NOT open it and contact the BCL Service Desk.
  • Improve your cyber security awareness by taking a short 5-minute quiz provided by the Australian Government here.
Vicbar Life
Studio 11 End of Year Exhibition

Studio 11 End of Year Exhibition is now installed and you are welcome to view it in person on level 11 East.

The exhibition features rich, colourful oil paintings by Stephen Armstrong depicting the charming comfort and the grind of the familiar in our homes and gardens during lockdown. They are about liminal time and thresholds.

Liz Gill has 12 small works depicting the allure of the Summer we now yearn for, reminding us very efficiently of coastal Anglesea.

Bridget Foley shares with us 23 very skilfully executed ceramic pieces created during lock down with earthy tones and textured glazes reflective of the sea, outback Australia and country Victoria.

All works are for sale. Worksheets are available on level 11 East or click here.

The exhibition continues until 18 December 2020.

The works at Studio 11 are “always worth a look” and offer members an opportunity to take a break and very easily explore art mediums, in our work setting. Everyone is welcome.

VicBar Social Groups

Sally Flynn QC, Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Committee, has had many encouraging responses about floors and practice groups that have organised get-togethers over Zoom and in private Facebook groups, as part of the initiative to remain socially connected and check on the emotional well-being of our colleagues when we are not working from chambers. 

The Committee is seeking expressions of interest from barristers interested in setting up a WhatsApp group to connect those barristers who are carers. The group is for barristers who care for elderly or disabled parents or relatives and will allow members to offer each other support by sharing information or resources for various issues, including finding alternative living arrangements or home assistance. Please contact Sally Flynn by email if you’re interested.

Other groups you may wish to join:

Darren Ferrari is organising a Zwift group for members of VicBar. Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping cyclists get faster. Level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a group that motivates each other. To join or find out more, contact Darren Ferrari on 0412 124 076 or by email at

We want to make sure no barrister is left behind, so please contact Sally at to let her know what your group is doing, or if you need a hand starting a new group or finding one to join.

Victorian Lawyers Admission 2020 - A Virtual Celebration!

The Amicus Curiae project is delighted to convene a panel of brilliant legal professionals to celebrate the admission of Victorian lawyers in 2020.

An online celebration is planned for Friday 20 November at 1–2:00pm to recognise this momentous milestone!

Meet the illustrious panel consisting of:

  • Julian Burnside AO QC - Julian is a decorated Commercial Barrister and Human Rights and Public Law advocate, with a particular focus on the treatment of Asylum Seekers. He is also a published author and a strong supporter of the Arts.
  • William Lye OAM QC - William is the first Malaysian born and one of a handful of barristers of Chinese descent to be made silk in Australia. He is a Commercial Barrister, Mediator, Educator and champion of cultural diversity in the law.
  • Anna Brown OAM - Anna is a pioneer of LGBTIQ+ rights and is the CEO of Equality Australia. She played a critical role in the campaign for marriage equality co-chairing the Equality Campaign and running the challenge to the postal plebiscite in the High Court.
  • Jill Prior - Jill is the Principal Legal Officer of the Law and Advocacy Centre for Women, providing legal services for at-risk women in Victoria. Jill has a long career in community law serving those most vulnerable in society.

Former Justice of the High Court of Australia and human rights advocate, The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, will also be giving a special message.

Join the online celebration which is open to all in the legal profession, including students, friends and family of those who have been or are to be admitted in 2020 'on the papers'.

Please note: Closer to the date, all registered attendees will be sent a Microsoft Teams link to tune in to the live event.

Click here to register.

The Essoign Club – New Breakfast and A La Carte Menus

Dear Essoign Club Members,

We are open daily from 7:00am – till late.

Breakfast – see our Breakfast Menu here for dine-in or takeaway.

Lunch – available for dine-in, take away or delivery.

Lunch Dine-In – see our A La Carte Menu here for dining in.

Bar – open till late with light snacks available.

Come in and enjoy all your favourites, wine or something higher up the bar shelf. 

Grab a snack or some lunch in the Cafe, or come in and enjoy our new A La Carte Lunch Menu.

All of us at the Essoign Club look forward to having you all back in the Club to continue sharing stories, laughs and giving support to all fellow members.

We appreciate your ongoing support and hope to see you in the Club soon.

Practice & Profession News
The Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia - Lighthouse Project update

The Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the Courts) are delighted that the Family Law Amendment (Risk Screening Protections) Bill 2020 was passed by the Australian Parliament on Monday 9 November 2020.

This legislation provides an important framework and enables the Courts to progress the very important new family-violence and risk screening initiative, the Lighthouse Project.

The Lighthouse Project is ground-breaking and innovative. It will allow the Courts to screen for risk and focus on public health and improved outcomes for families involved in the family law system.

The Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia and Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, the Hon Will Alstergren said that this is a significant milestone in the progression of this critical project.

“The safety of children and families is the highest priority for our Courts. Our operations are centred on two key elements - risk and responsiveness. We are ensuring that family violence considerations are imbedded in all of our practice and procedure and the passing of this legislation now allows the Courts to implement a major project that is focussed on the safety of children and families.

“It is a pioneering project internationally, and has already been recognized by the QLD Government for its family violence initiatives.

“In addition, for the first time in 20 years, the Courts have successfully developed and introduced one harmonised form to be used across both Courts which provides people involved in a parenting case with a simplified way to provide information relating to risk—at the very beginning of the process. Issues may include (but is not limited to); child abuse, family violence, substance abuse and mental health, abduction and threats of harm, safety and wellbeing, and safety at court,” Chief Justice Alstergren added.

The Lighthouse Project team continues to undertake an extensive program of consultation and training with key stakeholders. For enquiries please email the Courts at:

More information about the project is here.

Details of the Bill are available from the website of Parliament House here.  

County Court of Victoria - Revised Recommencement of Melbourne Jury Trials Guide

On Wednesday 11 November, the County Court released a revised version of the Recommencement of Melbourne Jury Trials Guide.

The revised version:

  • clarifies the empanelment process for a legacy/non-upgraded courtroom, and
  • amends the rapid testing protocol sections to emphasise this is a voluntary process.

The revised Guide is available on the Court’s website here.

Electronic document lodgement system (eDocs) for the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts

Electronic document lodgement, known as eDocs, is being implemented at both Courts across Victoria from November through to January 2021. This is a preliminary first step being introduced as part of a broader new case management system that will be rolled out over the next few years. eDocs includes all jurisdictions across MCV and ChCV, excluding Child Protection. As well as responding to COVID-19 challenges impacting court operations, the eDocs Portal facilitates more timely and efficient interactions with the two courts by enabling legal practitioners and other external users to:

  • Submit and manage case documents electronically
  • View, track and download documents when needed
  • Receive email notifications and updates when documents have been progressed, and
  • Lodge payments and process refunds online (where relevant).

eDocs has a staged rollout process. Most forms you use to interact with the courts are included in the first release of eDocs. There are a small number of forms that are not included in the initial eDocs release, and may be included in future releases. 

As part of the eDocs Portal enrolment process, Court Services Victoria is creating eDocs Portal user accounts for all external parties to get you up and running in the new system.

The Courts will be in touch to obtain information to create your user account(s), on your behalf.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, view the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia new form – Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk

On 31 October, the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia implemented a new form – the Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk.

The form harmonises the approach taken to risk notification in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the Courts).

The new form will replace and consolidate the three existing prescribed forms of the Courts:

  • Notice of Risk
  • Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk of Family Violence (Current Case), and
  • Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk of Family Violence (Application for Consent Orders).

while ensuring the Courts’ mandatory obligation to report allegations of child abuse, family violence or risks of child abuse or family violence is being fulfilled pursuant to sections 67Z – 67ZBB of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth). The new form will assist in ensuring that families and their children receive appropriate and targeted intervention in the family law system.

The new form must be completed by all parties filing an Initiating Application, Response or Application for Consent Orders where a parenting order is sought from 31 October 2020.

The new form should be eFiled (along with other documents) wherever possible using the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

The form is available on both Family Court of Australia’s website here and Federal Circuit Court of Australia’s website here.

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences AGM

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences is pleased to invite you to join its Annual General Meeting and the final plenary presentation of the year.

Plenary Speaker:             Judge John Cain, State Coroner for Victoria

Date:                                    Tuesday 17 November 2020 from 6:00pm

Please click here to join the meeting.                                

Meeting ID: 886 0157 1302

Passcode: AAFS

Dial by your location: +61 3 7018 2005 Australia

Find your local number here.

Chair:                                The Hon. Justice John Champion

Judge John Cain will reflect on his first year as State Coroner including the most recent Practice Directions about deaths in custody and Indigenous deaths in custody.

John Cain was appointed State Coroner in October 2019, prior to which he was Victoria's Solicitor for Public Prosecution since November 2015.Judge Cain completed a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Law at Monash University before completing the Legal Professional Services Firm course at Harvard Business School in 2010. His legal career began at Maurice Blackburn in 1982, where he was appointed a partner in 1987 and then Managing Partner from 1991 to 2002. Between 2002 –2006, Judge Cain was CEO of the Law Institute of Victoria and became the Victorian Government Solicitor in 2006 until 2011, after which he became Managing Partner at Herbert Geer (now Thomson Geer).


6:00pm                Introduction – Chair

6:10pm                Financial report – Treasurer

                             Election of Chapter Council Members

6:20pm                Presentation by Judge Cain

7:30pm                Meeting Close

Please contact the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences if you have any questions about the event (

International Bar Association global surveys – Mental wellbeing in the legal profession

The International Bar Association (IBA) has embarked on a global project aimed at addressing the mental wellbeing of legal professionals around the world. To lead this work, IBA President Horacio Bernardes Neto has convened the IBA Wellbeing Taskforce, led by IBA Bar Issues Commission Officers, with assistance from the IBA Legal Policy & Research Unit

The key initial phase of the project consists of two global surveys – one for individual lawyers, the other for law firms and other legal institutions, including bar associations, law societies and in-house legal departments.

The surveys are available to both IBA members and non-members, and can be completed in English or Spanish. The surveys are also anonymous, and take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Click here to complete the survey.

Digital Bar Library – Resources and events


The Digital Bar Library provides access here to certain licensed resources, structured for ease of access.

In addition to that collection, publishers have made many titles available gratis during COVID restrictions. These are available here.

If you would like help accessing the content you need, or have a research query that you’d like assistance with, please fill in a library request form here.

The Library has launched its 2020-25 Strategic Plan. Please read about its truly digital library service here.



The Library has a number of events coming up. You are welcome to register for any of the following sessions:

  • Switch On… Personal Injuries is on Thursday 19 November, 1:15–1:45pm. Register here.
  • Home-brewed Shakespeare – an end of year celebration in collaboration with Bottled Snail is on Monday 23 November, 5–6:00pm. Register here.
Notice of Termination – Manager appointed to the law practice of Rainer Ellinghaus trading as Law Offices of Ellinghaus & Lindner

On 22 July 2020, the Bar was notified that Mr Steven Weill had been reappointed by the Victorian Legal Services Board as the Manager to the sole practitioner law practice of Rainer Ellinghaus trading as Law Offices of Ellinghaus & Lindner.

Please be advised that the appointment of Mr Weill as Manager terminated on 22 October 2020.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact Reshma Pickering on 03 9679 8048 or email

Profession CPD & Events
Victoria Law Foundation webinar – The cost and value of access to justice

On Wednesday, 2 December, 9:30–11:00am, the Victoria Law Foundation presents The cost and value of access to justice. Access to justice is described as the most pressing justice issue of our time, and unmet legal need is a challenge the world over. VLF is delighted to announce its research network’s first international speaker, Professor Trevor Farrow – a leading Canadian (and international) expert on the administration of civil justice.

Click here for more information and to register.

Monash University webinar – Report on the use of force in detention and other closed environments

This launch of the Castan Centre's report ‘Use of Force in Detention and Other Closed Environments’ is on Thursday 19 November, 4:45–6:00pm.

The report addresses concerns for the wellbeing, dignity and rights of persons in closed environments by reviewing relevant legal frameworks in light of international human rights standards. The report contains our recommendations for critical reforms needed to meet Australia's international human rights law obligations, and we highlight some additional concerns arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We focus specifically on (a) aged care homes; (b) disability care homes; (c) mental health facilities; (d) prisons; (e) juvenile detention centres; and (e) immigration detention centres.

A panel of experts from the above sectors are invited to discuss the report’s findings from the perspective of their respective sectors, followed by a Q&A session with questions from the audience.

Click here to learn more and register.

Mental health, ADHD, youth justice and the law hybrid live conference 2020

On 28 November, 9:00am–4:30pm (AEST), ADHD Foundation will be hosting a ‘first of its kind in Australia’ live broadcast conference, bringing together experts across mental health, education, justice and law from Australia and the United Kingdom.

The virtual conference aims to inform and raise awareness around the realities of ADHD, conduct disorders, substance abuse, related conditions and their management, whilst calling for a positive change within the Youth Justice System.

Click here to learn more.

Click here to register.

Melbourne University webinar: In conversation with Francis Gurry - Intellectual Property’s past, present and future

In October 2020, Francis Gurry concluded 35 years of service with the World Intellectual Property Organization - the last 12 as Director-General.

His achievements with WIPO include the design and implementation of the domain name dispute resolution system, the Beijing and Marrakesh copyright treaties, and the establishment of on-going programs on IP data collection and analysis, the world digital market, the challenges raised by artificial intelligence, and implementation of the Development Agenda.

This webinar on Wednesday 25 November, 6:00–7:30pm, features a free-flowing and candid discussion with Andrew Christie and Michael Caine, Dr Gurry will reflect on his 35 years of work within the United Nation’s multilateral system - and what the future holds for IP.

Click here to learn more and to register.

DCA Research Launch Event - Gari Yala: Speak the Truth

‘Indigenous employment’ is a growing, vital discipline within the employment and diversity, inclusion, and human resources landscapes but there are two glaring omissions – there is a notable lack of research that asks Indigenous people what they want and need from workplaces in order to flourish, and what is available has been primarily informed by non-Indigenous voices. To address this gap, DCA and the UTS Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research created the Gari Yala project, which means ‘speak the truth’ in Wiradjuri language, to gain an understanding of the diversity of Indigenous workers’ experiences firsthand. On Tuesday 17 November at 2:00–3:30pm, the findings of this project will be released and followed by a panel discussion.

To view this webinar, you’ll need to be a member of Diversity Council Australia. To become a member, please register here and we will forward you the login instructions. You will need to use your VicBar email address. Current members of DCA can learn more about this webinar and register here.

Careers & Opportunities
Federal Court of Australia: Migration Specialist Opportunities

The Federal Court is looking to recruit Judicial Registrars with significant experience in migration litigation to increase the specialist legal capability and registrar support available to judges. The roles are suitable for Senior Associate level lawyers and will expose candidates to all aspects of the migration jurisdiction, while offering an enviable work environment within a national superior Court.

The Federal Court is also looking for capable lawyers primarily to support its Judicial Registrars in the migration jurisdiction. A number of positions are available nationally that would suit lawyers with approximately 2 years PAE.

For more information on these roles, including how to apply, please refer to the Court’s website at Positions close Friday, 20 November 2020 at 11:55pm.

Judicial Registrar (EOI) Magistrates' Court

The Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria seeks expressions of interest (EOI) from qualified persons for appointment as a Judicial Registrar of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria.

Judicial Registrars are appointed in a fixed term capacity by the Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Attorney-General. The position includes an attractive remuneration package.

Please see the EOI document here with further information about the position. All EOIs are treated confidentially and may be drawn upon on an ongoing basis as future vacancies arise.

Expressions of interest, to be marked ‘Private and Confidential’, should include a resume, a short covering letter outlining your interest in the role and details of appropriate professional and personal referees. They should be emailed to

Click here for more information.

Applications must be received by close of business Sunday, 29 November 2020.

Deadline for the next issue:5pm, 19th November 2020