The use of legal academic work in and by the Court: An introduction to Scholarship for the Legal Community


Judges, barristers and academics have observed that little academic writing reaches the judicial audience, and that academic writing is rarely relied upon by counsel and cited in judgments. Despite that, it is well accepted that legal scholarship is indispensable in understanding the informing principles of an area of law, and many judges have indicated a receptiveness to having academic work cited in court. Scholarship for the Legal Community aims to foster engagement between the legal profession, the judiciary and academia by providing an online platform from which to access recent pieces of doctrinal academic research, and thereby bridge this gap.

In this CPD, the presenters will explain the origins of the online platform, introduce the platform and make some observations about how it may be used by counsel and the Courts.


This is an in-person event and will also be available online via Zoom

VENUE: Green Court, Ground Floor, Court of Appeal, 459 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 and also via live stream


The Honourable Justice Melanie Sloss (Supreme Court of Victoria)

Professor Matthew Harding (Melbourne Law School)

Sarah Zeleznikow (Barrister)

Laurie Atkinson (Law Library of Victoria)

Kerryn Cockroft (Judicial College of Victoria)

Additional Panellists:

The Honourable Justice Chris Maxwell AC (President of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria)

His Honour Judge Doug Trapnell (County Court of Victoria)

Michael Rush QC (Barrister)