Emotional Well-Being for Lawyers: How to Succeed with Peace, Purpose and Happiness



This is a series of 6 workshops designed for the members of the legal profession, especially those who are curious and interested in finding more balance in work and life, and those who are keen to find an alternative path to achieve success. The sessions will teach practical skills that are essential to create and maintain positive mindset and emotional well-being. 

Attendees are encouraged to attend all 6 events but can register for individual events.

These workshops are experiential and interactive by nature.  Whilst the participants will explore concepts and information on the current research and ancient philosophy, they will mostly learn through:

     1. reflective discussions;

     2. mindful contemplation and specially designed guided meditation;

     3.unique play exercises and laughter yoga practices.

The first workshop is a foundation session on how we can be better at working with our mind and brain. Because of the risk/problem focused nature of legal work, lawyers may have developed a mental habit of “negativity bias”, and the legal minds may have been wired neurologically for a higher propensity for stress and negativity. This session will explore how we can change our thinking for the benefit of our brain health, especially for lawyers to re-wire its brain from negativity to more positive. This workshop is experiential in nature, so we will learn through reflective discussions, creative meditations and various play exercise to embody the understanding for ourselves. 

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Time: 5pm – 7pm, 5:15pm starting, 6:45pm finishing

Location: Richard Griffith Library

Workshop Date:

10 October 2019:  Foundation Workshop: Beginner's Mind, Neuro-plastic Brain