Emotional Well-Being for Barristers: Workshop 4 How to Cultivate Empathy and Agility: Being Like Water



This is the fourth in a series of 6 workshops designed for the members of the legal profession, especially those who are curious and interested in finding more balance in work and life, and those who are keen to find an alternative path to achieve success. The sessions will teach practical skills that are essential to create and maintain positive mindset and emotional well-being. 

Attendees are encouraged to attend all 6 events but can register for individual events.

These workshops are experiential and interactive by nature.  Whilst the participants will explore concepts and information on the current research and ancient philosophy, they will mostly learn through:

     1. reflective discussions;

     2. mindful contemplation and specially designed guided meditation;

     3.unique play exercises and laughter yoga practices.

This workshop develops a particular skill on connecting with "others"- such as developing empathy and agility. Using water as an example, we will explore what empathy and agility mean to barristers especially in conflict and dispute resolution circumstances, with their clients and co-workers. In order to ground our understanding, we will infuse the workshop with playful exercises, mindful and heartful meditations to allow you to discover your unique understanding of being like water.

Time: 5pm – 7pm, 5:15pm starting, 6:45pm finishing

Location: Richard Griffith Library

Workshop Date:

31 October 2019:  How to Cultivate Empathy: Being Like Water Workshop