Our Vision

Our Vision

Independence, excellence, leadership, growth

Independence – VicBar is a strong and independent group of professionals who uphold the rule of law. Our work is built on the tradition of providing fearless legal representation and advice to all in the community. We provide impartial and objective representation and advocacy. The Bar Council will work to maintain and, where possible, enhance the independence of the Bar.

Excellence – VicBar supports its members to provide legal representation and advocacy of the highest quality. We will provide members with services to develop skills, foster talent and promote a collegiate culture. The Bar Council will build the conditions to sustain high-quality performance across the Bar.

Leadership – VicBar calls upon its unique blend of expertise and authority to lead and support efforts to advance the rule of law and improve access to, and the efficient administration of, justice. We will work collaboratively with other legal bodies to best support the justice system in Victoria. The Bar Council will agree areas of legal reform that are strategic priorities. It will ensure that the Bar speaks with a single, authoritative voice on these issues.

– As the legal services market changes VicBar needs to adapt to embrace the opportunities this presents. VicBar will support its members to maintain and expand their practices by building awareness of barristers’ distinctive competencies, developing marketing initiatives and enabling members to implement strategies and contribute to the Bar’s marketing.


Our Purpose

To ensure the Bar and its members thrive and continue to do so

‘To ensure the Bar and its members …’ – Our purpose is directed towards both the individual members that comprise VicBar and the Bar as an organisation. VicBar is a diverse community of independent individuals with different strategic and professional interests. The interests of members are nevertheless closely aligned and all members will benefit if VicBar functions effectively as a member organisation.

‘…thrive…’ – We aim to support VicBar and its members to develop over time and to flourish in a legal environment that is rapidly changing. The term ‘thrive’ captures the various ways that members can develop and prosper, personally, professionally and financially.

‘…and continue to do so’ – Our purpose emphasises the Bar’s commitment to ongoing improvement. We recognise the value of building on the Bar’s long-standing traditions, through innovation, flexibility and embracing new ideas.


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